Craig Weber

Software architecture best practices

This is a collection of articles I’ve found about software development best-practices. I intend to add to it over time, so don’t be surprised if it changes.

I’ve known about this blog post for a couple years, and I find myself frequently referring people to it. It’s written by a Google engineer who does a much better job of articulating good architecture techniques than I could. A must-read for any software developer: Writing Testable Code by Misko Hevery

This next post is something I just came across, but it does a really good job explaining why writing testable code is not just about validating your code’s functionality. Because it’s something I run into a lot in dynamic languages like Python or Qt/C++, I would also add that hacky workarounds (like Python’s unittest.mock.patch()) exist that let you technically validate your code without actually writing what is considered to be well-designed, testable code. Without furhter ado: Write testable code even if you don’t write tests by Karl Seguin.